Tardigrades $TRDG Community Token Frictionless Rewards


100% Community Token

Ownership is renounced - the code of TRDG CANNOT BE CHANGED ever A true community token - we all work for TRDG together as one.

2.5% Transaction Reward

A 2.5% Transaction Tax is applied to each trade which is then distributed between all TRDG holder proportionate to their holdings. TRDG holders see their balance increase INSTANTLY IN-WALLET - no staking required!

2.5% Transaction Burn

A 2.5% Transaction Tax is applied to each trade and this TRDG is BURNED FOREVER Every trade reduces the amount of available TRDG making it more and more scarce over time. This is known as Deflation.

TRDG BSC Total Supply

Quadrillion (more than 65.8% burned)

TRDG ETH Total Supply

Quadrillion (more than 57.65% burned)

5% Tax on Transactions

2.5% Burn 2.5% Rewards

ERC20-BEP20 Token


Road Map

  • Q4 21
    • New Website✔
    • TRDG SPACE ( New Game ) ✔
    • List on CMC and CG ✔
    • Donations for FegEx ✔
    • Listing On FEGex ✔
    • Listing On SokuSwap ✔
    • Donations for Marketing ✔
    • Marketing
    • NFT plan
    • The first Trdg Space game NFT Collection (in game attributes)
  • Q1 22
    • More CEX
    • More DEX
    • 3D Games
    • NFT Collection
    • Play to earn v1
    • Trdg studio for artists, coders , music creators and gamiers
    • New Partnerships..
  • Q2 22
    • More games + Game developer program(selected participants)

LAUNCHED IN MAR 2021 ON BSC, we've stood the test of time and WE ARE STILL HERE.
• TRDG WENT 40X on BSC in the space of one month!
• We have an active TELEGRAM GROUP WITH 17K MEMBERS.
• We reinforced our presence in the cryptocurrency space by launching TRDG ON ETH IN MAY 2021.
• TRDG IS A LEGITIMATE PROJECT unlike many projects that launch with the sole